Peru: EsSalud signed contracts with 12 clinics to serve COVID-19 patients

17:27 | Lima, Jul. 14.

Insured patients infected with the new coronavirus —who are in critically ill and require ICU beds— will be treated at 12 private clinics located in Lima, Arequipa, and La Libertad regions, where they will receive timely treatment supported by mechanical ventilation equipment.

This was reported by Dr. Cesar Carreño, who serves as Central Manager of Health Operations at the State-run 
Social Health Insurance System (EsSalud).

According to the physician, the contracts signed with private health facilities will allow the transfer of insured patients who need care at intensive care units.

"This contract reinforces the (free-of-charge) offer of EsSalud services as an institutional policy for insured citizens at the national level. In case there is no ICU bed available at EsSalud hospitals, the patient will be referred to a private clinic for the corresponding care, the costs of which will be borne by the institution," he noted.

The official specified that the contracts only support the transfer of insured patients who need ICU beds and emergency care due to COVID-19. On the other hand, patients with mild and moderate symptoms will remain at EsSalud-run hospitals.

Carreño reported that —through an integrated system— the availability of ICU beds will be determined so that an EsSalud manager can be contacted for the referral of critically ill patients.

He said that a second call is being worked on to expand contracts with other clinics nationwide to serve insured patients infected with the new coronavirus, within the framework of the benefit exchange policy.

Contracts have so far been signed with the clinics San Gabriel, Congregacion Hijas de San Camilo, La Merced, Cerro Colorado, Vesalio, La Esperanza, San Pablo, Santa Martha del Sur, Jesus del Norte, Internacional, and San Felipe.

The contracts were inked within the framework of Legislative Decree 1466, enacted to extend the protection of insured patients in their right to access health services, under conditions of quality in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.


Furthermore, it must be noted that more private clinics managed to sign similar contracts with the State-run Comprehensive Health Insurance (SIS) system to serve COVID-19 patients who need intensive care with mechanical ventilation. 

Thus, Clinics San Juan Bautista, Javier Prado (both in Lima), and San Pablo (Huaraz) join 14 other institutions that have already signed the agreements. 


Published: 7/14/2020
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