Peru: Devida announces eradication of illegal coca crops in indigenous communities

16:56 | Satipo (Junin region), Sep. 19.

The National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs (Devida) on Thursday announced the eradication of illegal coca crops in Mazamari, Pangoa, and Rio Tambo districts belonging to Satipo Province.

In this sense, Devida Executive-President Ruben Vargas indicated the eradication campaign will be carried out as a response to the demand of indigenous communities residing in the area

It should be noted these communities reject drug-traffickers invading their territories

Likewise, Vargas pointed out that as long as dialogue with the Farming Producers Federation of the Valley of Apurimac and Ene Rivers (Fepavrae) continues, which has been valid since 2018, other areas will not be intervened. 

"Just as Devida and the central government defend legal coca leaves destined for traditional consumption, they also reject and fight the ones that are trampled in maceration pits with the purpose of being turned into cocaine," he expressed.

The Development Strategy for the Valley of Apurimac, Ene, and Mantaro Rivers (VRAEM) by 2021 —led by Devida and carried out on a multisectoral level— is the result of a consented work with social organizations and VRAEM local governments. 


Published: 9/19/2019
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