Peru boosts campaign to promote avocado consumption in Japan

17:31 | Lima, Jul. 29.

Peru's Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru) —through its trade office in Japan— launched a new campaign to properly position national avocados in the demanding Japanese market, thus highlighting why the South American country is the world's second-largest producer of this superfood.

"Avocados are one of our star superfoods, and they are not only part of our gastronomy, but also of our ancient legacy. A true wonder!" PromPeru said in a release.

This campaign —which was launched in mid-July— is held during the weekends at Aeon Retail, The Daiei, Life Corporation, Summit and Harashin Narus.

On the other hand, strategic efforts were made together with Union Company —one of the main avocado importers in the Japanese market— as well as with miso sauce brand Marukome, in order to introduce avocados into the Japanese diet.

Similarly, PromPeru worked with Kagome, producer and distributor of food and condiments.

Peruvian avocados conquer Asia

Japan is the second-largest destination market for avocados.

Between 2016 and 2019, said exports to that country showed a sustained average growth of 63%, a trend that is expected to remain in place during the following months.

Last year, the main destination markets in the Asian continent were China (52.7%), Japan (25.4%), India (2%) and the United Arab Emirates (2%), thus accumulating US$48.75 million (FOB value).


Published: 7/29/2020
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