Lima 2019 awaits start of Pan American Games competitions

09:14 | Lima, Jul. 17.

Lima 2019 President Carlos Neuhaus confirmed the completion of infrastructure projects and said the Organizing Committee awaits the start of the largest multi-sport event in the Americas: the Pan American Games.

"All venues are finished and waiting for athletes to arrive and compete. We have achieved the goal of delivering all venues on time in spite of the difficulties we faced at the beginning," he told Andina news agency.

The announcement has pleased the entire nation, with just 10 days to go until the start of the major sporting event that will draw the world's attention.

Likewise, Neuhaus referred to the transportation plan that will allow spectators to reach the different venues.

"The State has created a long weekend for the opening ceremony (July 26), and this will help reduce traffic congestion and enforce control at entry points (of the venues)," the Lima 2019 head stated.

"However, we call on citizens not to use their cars because everybody, including organizers, will be riding the bus," he added.

Furthermore, Neuhaus was very excited about the show at the inauguration party, which will be held at National Stadium in Lima.

"I've seen the rehearsals, and I can tell that what Peruvians are about to see will touch their hearts. Besides, the history of our country will be further explored, thus teaching us to appreciate it," he commented.

"Unfortunately, that's all I can say since we want this to be a nice surprise for all Peruvians and the world," he concluded.


The Lima 2019 Pan American Games will be held between July 26 and August 11, with athletes competing in 39 sports and 61 disciplines across 19 venues such as VIDENA, Villa Maria del Triunfo Sports Center, and Villa El Salvador Sports Center. 

Other venues include Callao Regional Sports Village, San Marcos Stadium, Costa Verde-San Miguel, Lawn Tennis Club, Lima Golf Club, Kennedy Park, Lima Convention Center, and Eduardo Dibos Coliseum.

Las Palmas Air Base, Chorrillos Military School, Chorrillos Beach, Morro Solar, Army Equestrian School, Punta Rocas Beach, Laguna Bujama, and Cañete–Lunahuana River complete the list.


Published: 7/17/2019
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