Peru's President meets with representatives of National Journalists Association

10:00 | Lima, Oct. 18.

The President of the Republic Pedro Castillo on Monday morning met with more than 20 representatives of Peru's National Journalists Association, which consists of over 11,000 journalists from regions across the country.

During the meeting, the Executive Branch reaffirmed its commitment to decentralizing the Government's communication strategy and asked for the responsible exercise of freedom of press, diversity, and respect for information provided to citizens.

The meeting took place within the framework of an open door government and unrestricted respect for the freedom of press and expression.

At the request of the association, —made through a document submitted to the Head of State— the meeting addressed various topics including the concern over media concentration, the right to communication, and the urgency of ensuring social protection for freelance and self-managing journalists in regions.

The journalists highlighted the openness of the President that provides the opportunity to listen to them and to exchange ideas in order to meet the demands of print, radio, television, and digital media journalists —men and women— from different media outlets in regions like Tumbes, Piura, Lambayeque, Cajamarca, Amazonas, and La Libertad. 

The list of regions also includes San Martin, Ancash, Ica, Ayacucho, Lima, Apurimac, Arequipa, Moquegua, Tacna, Puno, Cusco, Madre de Dios, Huanuco, Pasco, Junin, Huancavelica, Loreto, and Ucayali.

The gathering took place at the Tupac Amaru Hall of the Government Palace in Lima.


Published: 10/18/2021
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