Peru's PM: Limiting right to a referendum is undemocratic

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Peru

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Council of Ministers of Peru

13:10 | Lima, Jan. 22.

Prime Minister Mirtha Vasquez on Saturday affirmed that limiting people's right to organize themselves, and demand via referendum that various issues be debated, is anti-democratic.

The statement was made while commenting on the decision by Congress last Friday to approve by insistence a rule which stipulates that any constitutional reform must first be approved by the Legislative Branch before being submitted to referendum.

"The people are the constituent power; they have the right to organize themselves and demand via referendum that issues be debated, which constituted powers do not (debate). Limiting it (the referendum) is undemocratic; therefore, we will file an unconstitutionality claim in defense of this right," she expressed on Twitter.

In a statement, the Council of Ministers indicated that the aforementioned bill violates the fundamental right of citizens to direct political participation, recognized in Article 31 of the Constitution and Article 23 of the American Convention on Human Rights.

The regulation also violates constitutional principles such as the balance of powers and democracy.

"The referendum is the highest expression of the democratic principle, since it constitutes a statement by the people, who hold the constituent power, as established in Article 45 of the Constitution," it specified.


Published: 1/22/2022
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