Peru: Citizens celebrate quieter Christmas in times of COVID-19

Photo: ANDINA/Carla Patiño

Photo: ANDINA/Carla Patiño

03:01 | Lima, Dec. 25.

The world's most important Christian celebration commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ was observed at millions of Peruvian homes amid food, beverages, well wishes, but lack of crowds due to nighttime curfew aimed at avoiding further contagion of COVID-19's Omicron variant —as the virus has hit not only Peru but also other nations around the world.

Christmas filled Peruvian households with hope once clocks, watches, and new electronic gadgets rang at midnight.

Prayers were featured for the souls of those who are no longer with us, while also asking for better times to come and for mankind to be filled with health.

In Peru, traditions point to wait until the midnight of December 24 for the arrival of Jesus Christ. Immediately, household members exchange well-wishes and presents —previously placed under the Christmas tree.

Household members tend to make toasts, eat turkey and panettone for dinner, thus enjoying the soiree.

Days ago, most Catholic families put up nativities in their living rooms, featuring Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, and Baby Jesus to reaffirm their traditions.

Other people did not have a lot of material things but seemed to have so much love in their hearts, which is the most important thing on Christmas Day.

In order to cope with the new normality and measures in times of COVID-19, many citizens decided to host video conferences, thus meeting virtually with relatives and friends who reside abroad and even in the same city.


Published: 12/25/2021
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