Peru: Use of face shields mandatory on Lima Metro as of Monday

12:02 | Lima, Jul. 19.

The use of face shields will be compulsory on the Lima Metro system starting Monday, July 20, in order to comply with an additional protection measure stipulated by transport authorities.

According to the Lima Metro concessionaire, those who refuse to wear face shields, as well as face masks, risk being barred from entering the stations or boarding the trains.

An information campaign has been launched with the help of the staff at stations, audio messages, the website and social networks, in order to make passengers aware of the importance of using face shields as an additional protective measure.

"The measure is under a trial period that will take us a week or 10 days. During this time, an aggressive campaign will be carried out to introduce the new protocols, which shall be implemented gradually," Transport and Communications Minister Carlos Lozada said last Monday.

"Afterwards, the use of face shields will become compulsory, and a date will be set to start imposing sanctions," he added.


Published: 7/19/2020