Get to know Cajamarca, capital of Peruvian Carnival

15:30 | Cajamarca (Cajamarca region), Feb. 7.

February is the most awaited month of the year in Cajamarca, since its traditional carnival is celebrated all over the city.

During this season, locals are inspired by the fun spirit of the party, experiencing so much excitement and happiness that transcend boundaries within and outside the country.

This makes the northern city of Cajamarca the "Capital of Peruvian Carnival."

Patrols and troupes from various neighborhoods sing and wear colorful costumes as they dance across the streets. 

In addition to parades, dances and coplas (popular poetic forms), the traditional celebration also includes water balloon fights and food festivals.

The Ño Carnavalon or King Momo —the main attraction of the carnival— makes its appearance on February 10, marking the beginning of main celebrations. His presence stirs up excitement among locals and tourists.

Other popular activities include a beauty pageant, umsha rituals —in which couples are given turns to try to cut down a specially planted and decorated tree while dancing around it—as well as the Ño Carnavalon's funeral and burial.

It must be noted the key dates for this Carnival are February 10-14, 2018.


Published: 2/7/2018
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