Peru: New Cabinet to boost confidence, enhance public policies

Ministro Alfonso Grados se reúne con presidente de la SNI

Ministro Alfonso Grados se reúne con presidente de la SNI

14:40 | Lima, Dec. 29.

The new ministerial cabinet to be appointed by President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski will boost confidence and improve public policies in favor of the population, Labor and Employment Promotion Minister Alfonso Grados affirmed Friday.

In statements to State-run TV Peru channel, the government official expressed confidence that a renewed cabinet will have the strength to build bridges for political and social dialogue to meet citizens' demands.

According to Grados, political noise "encapsulates the country" in unproductive discussions at times when concrete actions —in favor of those most in need— are what the country truly needs.

"I'm sure the new cabinet will have an impetus which will enable it to close social gaps in more efficient and effective ways," the official expressed.

"[...] we are confident President Kuczynski and the Prime Minister [Mercedes Araoz] will make the best decisions for the country," he added.

Meanwhile, ministers continue working for the country, Grados stressed.


Published: 12/29/2017