Peru: Mistura 2017 offers luscious & crispy guinea pigs

ANDINA/Luis Iparraguirre

18:00 | Lima, Oct. 27.

Mistura —South America's greatest food fair— presents a unique guinea-pig-based dish that is already delighting palates.

A few hours after the international culinary event had opened its doors, said dish became one of the favorites among attendees.

People had to wait in long queues, in order to enjoy this particular dish seasoned with huacatay (Peruvian black mint), garlic and cumin.

In order to ensure the crunchiness and unbeatable taste of this delicacy, cooks are exposed to high temperatures during the preparation process. 

Some of the most demanded dishes also include sheep and pig, both cooked on sticks, too. It must be noted such peculiar cooking style emerged from the Peruvian highlands.

In this sense, eateries: Sabores andinos, El Huaquerito con Sabor a Huaral, La Caja China del Tio Sebas, Caja China de la Tia Maria and Cilindro Peru, among others, are must-stop destinations for those who want to try these delicacies.

Mistura will run thru November 5 at Club Revolver in Rimac district. 


Published: 10/27/2017
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