Mastercard: Lima among top destinations in LatAm

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16:05 | Purchase (U.S.), Sep. 26.

Once again, Peru's capital city of Lima was ranked among the 10 most visited destinations in Latin America, a report by Mastercard revealed Tuesday.

The recently-published Mastercard Destination Cities Index affirmed the Peruvian capital was the third most visited metropolis in the region in 2016, with 2.68 million arrivals, after Punta Cana (3.43 million) and Mexico City (3.01 million).

In this sense, Peru's most important city was followed by Sao Paulo (2.25 million) and Buenos Aires (1.85 million).

Likewise, Punta Cana topped the Overnight International Visitor Spending in Latin America ranking with revenue worth US$3.83 billion. Lima ranked second (US$2.82 billion), ahead of Mexico City (US$2.48 billion) and Buenos Aires (US$1.80 billion).

Additionally, the Inca country's capital became the Fastest Growing Destination City by International Overnight Visitors in Latin America (15.2%) between 2009 and 2016.

It was followed by Bogota (9.0%), Punta Cana (8.8%) and Rio de Janeiro (7.4%), among others.

The World's Top Destinations

Thailand's Bangkok led the planet's top destinations (19.41 million arrivals), followed by London (19.06 million), Paris (15.45 million), Dubai (14.87 million) and Singapore (13.11 million).


Around the world, tourism is driving the economic engines of growth and development.

Since 2009, international travel and spending by overnight visitors to cities have grown faster than real GDP.

To help cities understand key drivers and unlock the value of tourism, Mastercard released its annual Mastercard Destination Cities Index.

The Index is more than just a ranking of the 132 top destination cities of today and tomorrow.


Published: 9/26/2017