Peru Women Min delivers over 1,800 warming kits for children

MIMP informó sobre entrega de más de 20 mil kits de abrigo para niños, niñas y adultos mayores que viven en zonas declaradas en emergencia por heladas y friaje.

14:48 | Lima, Sep. 6.

The Women and Vulnerable Populations Ministry (MIMP) distributed 1,886 warming kits across Peru's Andean Huancavelica region, the National Civil Defense Institute (Indeci) reported on Wednesday.

The initiative is part of the government's 2017 Frost and Cold Spell "Antes Peru" (Peru Ahead) Multisectoral Mitigation Plan worth S/107 million (about US$32.96 million).

Said initiative is geared towards preventing, as well as mitigating fatalities and damage caused by frost events among highland populations. 

According to the National Emergency Operations Center (COEN), MIMP's humanitarian aid comprised sweaters, trousers, jackets, gloves and socks for frost-affected children (aged 3 to 5), who live in High-Andean towns.

In this sense, districts such as Mollepampa, Castrovirreyna, Cocas, Arma and Santa Ana received a total of 431 warming kits.

Likewise, Huachocolpa and Pilchaca districts —in Huancavelica province— benefited from 189 kits.

Other 1,266 kits with the necessary supplies to tackle frosts and low temperatures were also distributed among San Antonio de Cusicancha, Pilpichaca, Quichuas, Ñahuinpuquio and Pampas residents.


Published: 9/6/2017