Peru students head to China for Huawei ICT training

Foto: Difusión

13:58 | Lima, Sep. 4.

A group of 8 Peruvian university students on Friday traveled to China as part of "Seeds for the Future," telecom multinational Huawei's flagship corporate social responsibility ICT training program.

San Pablo de Arequipa Catholic University top computer science students Stefanie Muroya, Paulo Rodriguez, Missael Rodriguez, Victor Reyna, Brenda Solari, Alfredo Morote, Dante Nuñez and Jose Vilca thus became the first Peruvians to participate in Huawei's international work experience scheme.

The young talents will join their Latin American peers from Brazil, Colombia and Mexico to brush up their e-skills in the Asian Giant for 15 days.

Speaking at a send-off ceremony for the students, Huawei Peru General Manager Hery Wang underlined the role of education and anticipated further opportunities for Peruvian youth. 

"This first year, students come from Arequipa [region]. We expect to get in touch with other universities nationwide in the coming future," the executive said.

Strategic partnership

The activity also saw the presence of Peruvian Education Ministry (Minedu) Deputy Institutional Management Minister Fernando Caceres, who anticipated more alliances with private institutions for the benefit of college students. 

"We thank Huawei company for the scholarships and the donation of 108 laptops. We are advocating and designing public-private schemes geared towards ICT promotion mechanisms, already part of the National Education Curriculum," Caceres told Andina news agency. 

Finally, the Deputy Minister said the donated laptops would be sent to rural schools in Pisco and Loreto cities, thus "bringing students closer to information technologies, closing learning gaps and transforming their communities."


Published: 9/4/2017