Peru: Pisco production likely to reach record high in 2017-end

Crece número de empresas productoras de pisco en el Perú.

Crece número de empresas productoras de pisco en el Perú.

14:15 | Lima, May. 30.

Production Ministry (Produce) estimates Peru's pisco output will show a positive trend this year, totaling 10.9 million liters, thus meaning a 4% increase compared to 2016.

"The sector continues to grow, driven by domestic campaigns and its expansion into new markets. Figures have been highly positive since 2012," the ministry pointed out.

Produce underscored that Peruvian pisco has reached new markets like Australia, Belgium, the Dominican Republic, India, Israel, Norway and the United Arab Emirates, among others. 

Chile and the United States remain the largest consuming countries.

Producing regions

Lima and Ica are the main pisco producing regions —as they make up 90% of the national production— followed by Arequipa, Moquegua and Tacna.

A total of 523 formal producers were registered in Peru by the end of last year, with Lima hosting the largest concentration of firms (48.8%) followed by Ica (34.6%).

Increasing number

The number of pisco producing companies at the national level increased 15.5% in 2016 from the year before. 

Also, the number of Tacna-based producers expanded 14.6% in the same period.

According to Produce, around 92% of pisco producing firms have received denomination of origin "pisco."

Published: 5/30/2017