Peru: Huarmey submerged in tragedy, ravaged by flooding

15:02 | Huarmey (Ancash region), Mar. 20.

As torrential downpour, mudslides and floods batter the country, Huarmey battles not only the onslaught of nature, but also increasing criminal activity.

Andina news agency arrived in the coastal town located 288 km north of Lima to find it submerged under cascading rainfall and the resulting overflow of Huarmey River. 

The center of the town, avenues and squares lie covered in water, even exceeding meter-high levels in certain streets.
But evils tormenting Huarmey are also manmade. Locals address authorities with pleas for reinforced security, as unscrupulous individuals take advantage of the chaos to mug, steal and loot.  

The town also requests drinking water, as well as the restoration of electricity and other basic services cut off by natural disaster.

The overflowing of Huarmey River has also led to considerable damage to infrastructure, including the town's schools, municipality, police station, churches and even the hospital, where ambulances remain inoperative.


Published: 3/20/2017