Peru PM calls for unity to tackle heavy rain emergencies

Jefe del Gabinete, Fernando Zavala, durante su visita a la región Áncash. Foto:ANDINA/Difusion

15:14 | Lima, Mar. 18.

Peruvian government works exhaustively to attend emergencies caused by heavy rains and landslides, Peru’s Prime Minister Fernando Zavala stated on Saturday.

“We will overcome this situation together and recover from it,” he told RPP TV and radio station.

Mr. Zavala underlined the government’s priority is to deal with problems and needs of affected inhabitants. 

According to the high-ranking official, states of emergency were declared in 24 districts of Lima.

The situation will help activate funds transferred by the Economy and Finance Ministry, and will provide mayors greater flexibility in the procurement of goods and rental of machinery. 

On a national basis, states of emergency were declared in 811 districts, 108 provinces and 13 regions.

Likewise, the Cabinet head announced natural disasters have affected 572,000 citizens across the country so far. 


Published: 3/18/2017