Peru: Copper, silver and iron production reached record high in 2016



12:31 | Lima, Feb. 15.

Energy and Mines Ministry's General Mining Bureau (DGM) on Wednesday informed copper, silver, iron and molybdenum's output reached record highs throughout 2016.

Copper totaled 2.35 million tons of fine content, surpassing its historic high for second year in a row, following 1.7 million tons in 2015. This way copper production experienced a 38.4% increase.
According to DGM, this significant rise was supported by the start and consolidation of operations at mining projects like Las Bambas (Apurimac), Constancia (Cusco), Toromocho (Junin) and the expansion of Cerro Verde (Arequipa).

The increase was also due to the production of Antamina (Ancash), Cuajone (Moquegua) and Toquepala (Tacna).

The country recorded a production of 4.4 million Kg. of fine silver, a 6.65% rise compared to 2015 (when 4.1 million Kg. of fine silver was produced). This was thanks to greater polymetallic production in central Peru (Junin, Ancash and Lima).

As for iron, output stood at 7.7 million tons, more than the historic 7.3 million tons achieved in 2015, reaching a 4.68% growth. It should be noted iron production is mainly obtained from Marcona mine in Ica.

On the other hand, molybdenum reached a historic high for the second consecutive year with 25,757 tons in 2016. This outpaced the 20,153 tons of 2015 and meant a 27.8% rise. 


Published: 2/15/2017