Peru Police in pre-dawn raid on former President's home (Odebrecht case)

LIMA,PERÚ-FEBRERO 02.Patrullero de la PNP ingresa a residencia ante posible allanamiento de la propiedad de expresidente Alejandro Toledo en la residencia de Camacho en la Molina.Foto: ANDINA/Oscar Farje Gomero.

09:59 | Lima, Feb. 4.

As part of investigations into Odebrecht's major graft case, the Peruvian National Police raided the home of former Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo early on Saturday.

Toledo, who served as Peru's President in 2001-2006, has been accused of receiving bribes from corruption-tainted Odebrecht, La Republica newspaper revealed on Friday.

As is known, Toledo was the main political rival of former President Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000) in the 2000 elections. Currently, Fujimori serves a 25-year sentence in Lima for crimes against humanity. His administration was also accused of corruption.

Toledo would have received US$20 million from the Brazilian conglomerate to secure the Inter-oceanic Highway contract. 

Payments allegedly started in 2005 and were made to offshore firms run by Toledo's friend Israeli citizen Josef Maiman, an unknown source revealed during plea-bargain talks.

On Friday evening, a National Police vehicle stood outside and guarded the said home from 7.34 PM to 10.30 PM. 

The raid on Toledo's estate, located in Lima's upper-class La Molina district, began at 3.00 AM and is still underway. 

All documents found during the search will be analyzed by the Public Ministry, the institution informed. 

It must be noted Toledo is currently abroad.


Published: 2/4/2017