Peru: Chilcano Week kicks off today with creative recipes

La semana del Chilcano. Foto: Juan Carlos Guzman

00:00 | Lima, Jan. 12.

Special offers and new flavors will be available between January 12 and 15 on the occasion of Chilcano Week 2017, event that gathers eateries and bars serving one of Peru's flagship cocktails.

The official opening ceremony will take place at Piscobar in Miraflores district under the motto "Chilcanos de Pura Cepa" (Purebred Chilcanos).

Attending the ceremony will be Manuel Cadenas, creator and organizer of the event, and Ricardo Carpio, owner of the place.

Organizers have arranged a Chilcano tour through five pisco-producing regions (Lima, Ica, Arequipa, Moquegua and Tacna) with drinks inspired and made of local supplies.

A chilcano-pairing has been specially created for the occasion, matching 5 types of chilcanos with 5 appetizers.

PiscoBar bartender Ricardio Carpio is a pisco expert who has given courses and conferences on a national and international basis. His most outstanding participations are those at Pisco Promotion Fair 2010 in Toronto and similar events in Paraguay and the Caribbean in 2015.


In Surco, a district of Lima, one of the highlights will be the mix of pisco, ginger ale, lime and moringa —a highly nutritious local plant growing in several parks of the district.

Ricardo Vivas, deputy manager on Education, Culture, Tourism and Sports at Surco Municipality said the plant is used at local soup kitchens to enrich the diet of children, young pregnant women and seniors. 

This neighborhood, he continued, encourages the cocktail consumption at different restaurants and bars.

There is a varied list of pisco-soaked fruit, root, plant and flower recipes, including mint, ginger, moringa, spearmint, aloysia, peaches, limes, raisins, apricots, among others.

Pisco production in Surco dates back to the middle of the last century.


Published: 1/12/2017