Peru-U.S. ties to remain strong during Trump presidency

11:16 | Lima, Jan. 1.

The bilateral relationship between Peru and the United States will remain positive and solid under the Donald Trump administration once he takes office in January, said former Peruvian Ambassador to Washington Harold Forsyth.

Historically, the relations with the world’s leading power have been quite good, and have been strengthened under the Obama administration, a situation that would not change —he said— since governments change but ties remain. 

“They [the bilateral relations] have been significantly enhanced, regardless of the government in power. Governments change, ties remain, and they are actually very strong,” the diplomat was quoted as saying by Andina news agency.

Forsyth, who served as Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs under the Toledo administration (2001-2006), noted that Peru and the United States work together in many fields, such as trade and cooperation, which —he said— raises hopes of an excellent future.

Bilateral trade has remained intense, to such an extent that the United States is second largest trading partner of Peru, after China. 

In addition, the Andean nation has a free-trade agreement (FTA) with the North American country, in effect for nearly eight years.

“We have signed an FTA and commercial interests are quite strong on either side. This is a good opportunity to encourage Peruvian entrepreneurs to use the FTA and boost their non-traditional products where there is plenty of space,” he emphasized.

The ambassador is confident the bilateral cooperation in the fight against drugs will remain active and effective within the next four years.

Donald Trump, 70, will take office on January 20 after a nearly two-year campaign that concluded on November 8 with his victory against Democrat Hillary Clinton. 


Published: 1/1/2017