Peru to promote renewable energy projects, President Humala says

Photo: Andina

Photo: Andina

15:46 | Lima, Oct. 26 (ANDINA).

In light of growing energy demand, the Peruvian government will promote the development of renewable energy projects to provide the entire population with access to clean, low cost electricity, President Ollanta Humala said Friday.

Speaking from the southern Arequipa region, where he inaugurated the first solar power plant in Peru, Humala noted that this is the first step to replace expensive, oil-based energy sources.

"Peru has a sustained economic growth and the current 6,000 MW demand will double in seven years. Therefore, renewable energy projects are always welcome in the country," Humala stated.

He added that these projects generate clean and renewable energy and said the new Repartición plant in Arequipa represents a step forward towards social inclusion.

President Humala went on to note that poor people will be the first to benefit from these projects, with large companies coming in second place.

“This energy will first go to the poor people, and later to the big businesses. That’s the government’s order of priority,” Humala announced.

Humala also announced the construction of another solar plant in the Caylloma area of Arequipa. It is expected that the Majes and Repartición plants will be able to supply 200,000 people with clean energy.


Publicado: 26/10/2012