Peru offers US$30,534 reward for ex-President Alejandro Toledo

Foto: Twitter

Foto: Twitter

10:29 | Lima, Feb. 10.

The Peruvian Interior Ministry on Friday announced a S/100,000 (about US$30,534.35) reward worldwide for information leading to the whereabouts of former President Alejandro Toledo.

In addition, search teams have been set up to locate the ex-President, who is currently overseas with wife Eliane Karp, Interior Minister Carlos Basombrio informed.

On Thursday night, Peru's Judiciary ordered the 18-month preventive detention of the former Head of State on influence peddling and asset laundering charges, within the framework of the Odebrecht graft case.

Judge Richard Concepcion also issued an arrest warrant against Toledo, both at national and international levels.

As is known, Toledo has been accused of receiving US$20 million in bribes from Brazilian conglomerate Odebrecht to secure the Inter-Oceanic Highway contract, a major infrastructure venture connecting Peru and Brazil.  

Banking information from Panama- and Costa Rica-based financial institutions, as well as the United States Justice Department, back said allegations.

If you have information about the former Head of State, call 051 - 4334463, 051 - 4334461 or 051 - 4334467.

Published: 2/10/2017
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