Peru: Mango production rises from two-year low

Mango production may break record in 2010. Photo: Internet

Mango production may break record in 2010. Photo: Internet

12:58 | Lima, Feb. 6.

Mangoes, one of Peru's main fruit exports, have rebounded from a two-year low by growing 7.8% in 2016, Agriculture Ministry data revealed.

Said increase follows drops of 18% (2014) and 8% (2015), Private-run Foreign Trade Society (ComexPeru) highlighted.
The internationally-recognized quality of Peruvian mangoes owes to its coast's optimal climate conditions for this crop. 

What is more, its export season's perfect timing (December – March) coincides with the northern hemisphere's non-growing season, thus benefiting Peru with a key trading opportunity.   

Being a tropical fruit, mango production is concentrated in Peru's northern coast, a land of warm weather and fertile soil.  

In this respect, most production takes place in Piura region (over 60%), whereas the remainder is grown in Lambayeque, Lima, Cajamarca, Ica, Ancash and Ucayali regions, Agriculture Ministry data revealed. 

Said regions produce enhanced varieties listed as Kent (close to 80% of production), Haden, Edward and Tommy Atkins. They are exported fresh.

Production value

Ministry's latest figures place mango output at S/202.5 million (about US$62.33 million) in 2016, a 7.8% rise over the previous year.  

In terms of volume, production stood at 372,900 tons. In December 2016 alone, production reached 113,900 tons, valued at S/61.8 million or about US$19 million (6.9% more than in Dec 2015).

On the other hand, mango exports recorded a positive performance in 2016, standing at 157.7 tons worth US$198.4 million (1.3% more than in 2015).

This way, the tropical fruit took the fifth spot among Peru's main non-traditional agricultural exports. Likewise, the Andean nation expects to remain the world's second-largest mango exporter, only behind Mexico.

Mango destinations

As in recent years, Peru's top mango destinations were the Netherlands, accounting for 38% of exports (US$75.4 million), the United States (28% or US$55.4 million) and the United Kingdom (9% or US$18.4 million).   

South Korea, which granted market access to Peruvian mangoes by end-2015, also stands as a relevant destination. Mango shipments to this market began in 2016, and have climbed into the top-10 destinations with US$2.4 million in merely a year. 


Published: 2/6/2017
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