UNIDO: Peru has become an example for Latin America

Photo: ONUDI

Photo: ONUDI

12:32 | Lima, Jun. 13.

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) Director-General Li Yong affirmed Peru has become an example for Latin America over recent years.

Likewise, the representative indicated the Andean nation's financial position is quite solid, it relies on a good exports level, and its trade balance is stable. 

"For that reason, we are here to support, promote, and launch the Programme for Country Partnership (PCP) because we believe this will become a good platform for the continuous development of Peru," he said.

Concerning industrial parks, Li Yong mentioned an evolution currently takes place, since eco-industrial parks are being addressed, as well as the inclusion of the Industry 4.0, green industry, and a circular economy

In this sense, the Director-General pointed out the industrial parks are aimed at becoming development engines that attract investors

He went on to add the objective must be to offer jobs to the youth and women. 

Furthermore, the official explained PCP's aim is to improve businesses' capabilities to implement a more efficient circular economy and the use of renewable energies, so the industrial parks will become sustainable and inclusive.


Published: 6/13/2019