Southern regions account for 51% of Peru’s copper production

14:41 | Arequipa (Arequipa region), Aug. 24.

The regions of Arequipa, Moquegua, Tacna, Cusco and Puno together accounted for 51% of the national copper production between January and July this year, Peru's National Society of Mining, Petroleum and Energy (SNMPE) President Carlos Galvez affirmed.

These five regions recorded a copper production of 459,000 metric tons in the first seven months of 2015, that is, 51% of the national production, which amounted to 896,000 metric tons in the same period.

Arequipa is the third largest producer of copper at the national level with a production estimated at 117,000 tons in January-July, which accounts for 13% of the country’s total output, Galvez explained during his participation at Perumin 32nd Mining Convention.

“Arequipa also contributed 10% of the country’s gold production and 7% of the national silver production between January and July,” he added.

Moreover, Cusco, Moquegua, Tacna and Puno rank second, fifth, sixth and twelfth among copper-producing regions, with a cumulative production estimated at 150,000, 106,000, 83,000 and 1,600 tons, respectively.

“The largest copper producing region is Ancash, with 225,000 tons, which accounted for 25% of the national production in the first seven months of 2015,” he added.


Published: 9/24/2015