Sedapal required to invest US$1 billion to expand water service coverage

Sedapal Obras Saneamiento Tuberías Agua Provincias

Sedapal Obras Saneamiento Tuberías Agua Provincias

17:00 | Lima, Jun. 17.

Peruvian state-owned water utility, Sedapal, has to invest more than S/. 3.2 billion (over US$ 1 billion) to expand and improve drinking water services over the next five years, Peru's national sanitation authority Sunass reported.

Sunass issued the final report, which contains Sedapal’s Tariff Setting Study, Tariff Structure and Management Goals of the 2015-2020 regulatory period.

The report proposes to subsidize water price mainly for the poor and prioritize investment projects in the most critical areas.

The study also suggests the establishment of reserves to cope with disaster risks, adapt to climate change and take care of water sources.

The report includes Sunass comments received at the public hearing held 24 April 2015 in the presence of 370 attendees.

It also provides Sedapal’s last audited financial statements and an update on the sol-dollar exchange rate fixed by the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) within the Multiannual Macroeconomic Framework 2014-2016, which contains economic forecasts.


Published: 6/17/2015
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