Season's start of Peruvian grape exports hit US$314.5mn

Grape sales at Lima

Grape sales at Lima's Central Market. Photo: ANDINA / Rocio Farfan.

11:37 | Lima, Feb. 17.

The export of Peruvian grapes during the first three months of the season (from October to December 2013) totaled US$ 314.5 million, a 21.4% increase over same period during the previous campaign.
According to the Exporters' Association (Adex), during the reported period Peru's grapes were exported to a total of 54 markets, led by the United States, with US$81.6 million (up 32.6%), followed by the Netherlands (46.3%) and the United Kingdom (25.9%).

Other destination markets were Russia (24.3%), China, Canada, Thailand, South Korea and Hong Kong. 

Likewise, the product was sent to countries such as Estonia, Poland, Bulgaria, Egypt, Cameroon, Gabon, Libya and Swaziland, reported.
Moreover, the Adex's Department of Economic Studies stated grapes from the Andean nation have 9% of the Dutch market share, ranking third, behind South Africa (32%) and Chile (21%).

In that regard, the private entity noted that shipments of the Peruvian fruit have great potential when it comes to improving their position. 

Peruvian exports have been growing at an average rate of 56% in the last five years, while Chile's exports have shrink 5% and South African exports have only grown by 5%.


Published: 2/17/2014