Sea lions in northern Peru killed by pesticide, government says

15:59 | Lima, Feb. 09 (ANDINA).

After a month of investigations Peru’s Sea Institute (Imarpe) has announced the cause of death of over 50 sea lions in the region of Lambayeque.

According to Imarpe, the sea lions die from consuming poisoned fished, reported.

Imarpe said that toxicological reports found that the sea lions had carbamate insecticides in their systems, a substance known to have a neurotoxic effect in mammals.

Imarpe specialists said the sea lions’ death was likely intentional, given the number of dead animals, and amount of insecticides found.

Following the announcement the Ministry of Production said an investigation would be carried out to identify those responsible.

Last month Imarpe specialists confirmed the death of 12 dolphins, 35 sea lions, and 13 pelicans, on the country’s northern coast.

According to media reports, the institute has not yet commented on what caused the death of the dozen dolphins and pelicans.


Published: 2/9/2013
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