President: Union BAP confirms Peruvian progress on navy engineering


21:02 | Lima, Jan. 27.

The construction of the first "Union" Sailing School Ship is a fulfilled promise, which proves Peru is making progress on navy engineering, President Ollanta Humala affirmed.

During the flag raising ceremony held on deck, the Head of State stressed that Navy Industrial Services "have made a concrete step" by building the said watercraft.

"This training ship proves we are strengthening our infrastructure. Nowadays, as never before, our shipyards are exporting services, and we are showing the international community we can build watercrafts we used to acquire in the past […]," the President expressed.

He went on to add the administration will leave several legacies in education, social and infrastructure sectors.

Mr. Humala also indicated the said ship will allow Navy members to be trained and deliver aid to communities in need. Furthermore, it will serve as an Embassy responsible for delivering Peruvian culture to different ports around the world.

Following the speech and the flag raising ceremony, President Humala along with State Ministers and military authorities toured around the facilities.

The Union has a capacity for 250 passengers. It features an auditorium, library, e-platform and classrooms, where subjects astronavigation, meteorology, oceanography and hydrography will be taught.

The ship was named after Union corvette, which sailed during the Pacific War (1879-1833).


Published: 1/27/2016