President Humala attends launch of Peruvian oceanographic ship in Spain



09:33 | Vigo (Spain), May. 7.

Peruvian President Ollanta Humala headed to Vigo City in Spain to preside over the launching ceremony and christening of Carrasco, a Peruvian Army vessel that will be used to carry out marine scientific research.

The ceremony also featured Peru’s Defense Minister Jakke Valakivi, Commander General of the Peruvian Navy Adm. Edmundo Deville del Campo, Vigo’s Mayor Abel Caballero, among other authorities.

The new polar research vessel will conduct hydrographic surveys and research on physical, chemical, biological, and geological characteristics of water, meteorology, logistics and support to assist the Machu Picchu Scientific Base in Antarctica.

Carrasco will be used for rescue, support, humanitarian relief operations, and will provide equipment and contingency material for oil spill emergencies.

Its characteristics will ensure Peru’s participation in scientific expeditions to the white continent, enable the country to meet its commitments as part of the Antarctic Treaty and strengthen the scientific research along the Peruvian sea and in its adjacent oceanographic spaces.

The vessel is equipped with water and seabed samplers, a remote control vehicle that can dive up to 1,000 meters below the surface, two autonomous underwater vehicles, and sensors to monitor temperature, conductivity and ocean currents.

Freire Shipyard President Jesus Freire noted the technical expertise of those who built the brand-new Peruvian vessel.


Published: 5/7/2016
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