President Castillo: Peru and Colombia to share pro-development, integrated borders

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic of Peru

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic of Peru

18:00 | Villa de Leyva (Colombia), Jan. 13.

Peruvian President Pedro Castillo on Thursday affirmed that Peru and Colombia will share integrated borders, where development between the two nations is promoted, thus relying on an important space to improve citizens' quality of life.

Following the signing of bilateral agreements linked to the 6th Peru-Colombia Binational Cabinet, the Peruvian Head of State stressed that both countries are declaring war on common enemies such as poverty and inequity.

"We believe it is important to see the pro-development and integrated borders crystallized. Besides, supported by the team from both countries, efforts will be undertaken focused on peoples' needs," Mr. Castillo highlighted while commenting on the Binational Cabinet —a scenario that has made it possible to strengthen the bilateral relationship and border integration.

The top official recognized the teamwork by both countries, since major threats can be faced this way while focusing on peoples' needs and democratic spirit.

Likewise, the president said the action plans, which had been discussed at previous binational cabinet events, will lead to concrete actions aimed at boosting development and providing important services such as education and health.

In this sense, the Head of State stressed that immediate solutions are being proposed, adding that results will be obtained in the coming months, so that a more united region can be counted on, working together in favor of the peoples.

"My dear President (Ivan Duque), we are waiting for you in Chota (…)," Mr. Castillo said during his final speech at the event.

It must be noted that the 7th Binational Cabinet will be held in the Peruvian city of Chota (Cajamarca region) on July 6, 2022.


Published: 1/13/2022
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