Peruvian investments in Chile hit US$10bn last year

Peter Anders, Chief of Perucamaras. Foto. ANDINA / Norman Córova

Peter Anders, Chief of Perucamaras. Foto. ANDINA / Norman Córova

14:01 | Lima, Jan. 22 (ANDINA).

Peruvian investments in Chile totaled nearly US$ 10 billion at the end of 2013, according to the National Chamber of Commerce, Production, Tourism and Services (Perucamaras).

Perucamaras said that despite the difficult international economic climate, both countries managed to stabilize their economies thanks to robust trade ties and growing cooperation.

"Since the Peru-Chile free trade agreement was signed in 2006, two-way trade has grown nine-fold, climbing from US$ 500 million to US$4.3 billion," said Peter Anders, head of Perucamaras.

Meanwhile, Chilean investments in Peru hit over US$ 13.6 billion in the first half of 2013, increasing by almost US$ 2 billion over the previous year.

Anders called on both countries to concentrate their efforts on the pursuit of a common agenda that emphasizes integration and economic and social development of their peoples.

His remarks came as the International Court of Justice–the United Nations' highest judicial body– prepares to render a decision in a maritime border dispute between Chile and Peru.

Among the largest Peruvian companies investing in Chile are Belmont, Romero, Brescia, Graña y Montero and Antamina.


Published: 1/22/2014
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