Peruvian Culture Min: Bicentennial Obelisk represents sacrifice of Trujillo's people

15:07 | Trujillo (La Libertad region), Dec. 29.

With the presence of Culture Minister Alejandro Neyra, La Libertad region authorities on Tuesday inaugurated the Obelisk of the Bicentennial —a structure that measures more than 33 meters in height and is located in La Esperanza district, Trujillo.

"This obelisk is a symbol of the work, sacrifice, and efforts of Peruvian and men and women, people from the north, but specially Trujillo citizens. It is also a symbol of the unity and firmness of a leading city," he stressed.

On the occasion, Neyra requested the people of La Libertad to feel proud because they are part of the Trujillo Intendancy that declared and proclaimed the permanent freedom of the country 200 years ago.

The Cabinet member also highlighted the feat of the independence heroes such as Jose de Torre Tagle, Jose Faustino Sanchez Carrion, and Marshal Luis Jose de Orbegoso y Moncada, among others.

Private support

For his part, La Libertad Governor Manuel Llempen thanked the support and funding provided by private companies to build the obelisk —a work for which not a single cent from the public sector was disbursed.

After unveiling the memorial plaque, an artistic group from Angasmarca made a performance.

Two Peruvian Air Force planes also participated in this commemoration ceremony by flying over the area.

Culture Minister Neyra, La Libertad Governor Llempen, and other city authorities continued to participate in the activities of the main day of Trujillo Intendance's Independence.


Published: 12/29/2020
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