Peru's President urges citizens to work together to stop putting off dreams

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic.

Photo: ANDINA/Presidency of the Republic.

14:00 | Lima, Jul. 29.

The President of the Republic Pedro Castillo on Thursday called on Peruvians to work together as a nation to stop putting off dreams and to pave the way towards peace and prosperity.

"I call on my people to fight together, united as a nation, so that no more dreams are put off, so that we stand together as worthy heirs of those who fought and gave their lives for the American dream of justice and freedom," he expressed.

The Head of State remarked that Peru is a great country and will be greater "if we listen to each other, if we are able to dialogue and join efforts to pave the way towards peace and prosperity" for our children.

"Today, my homeland, we call on all Peruvian people of good will, let us fight for our country and renew the promise of a more just, dignified, and humane nation," he pointed out.

In this context, the top official urged Peruvians to "break the chains of poverty and underdevelopment together," as well as join forces to build a better future, which every Peruvian deserves.

"New and better times will come, if we are more united. Building that dream for current and future Peruvians only depends on us," he added.

Governors and mayors

Additionally, Mr. Castillo reported that he will meet with regional governors next week and with mayors the following week, in order to put joint efforts on the agenda. 


Published: 7/29/2021
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