Peru's luxury tourism gains ground in China

11:33 | Beijing (China), Jun. 17.

A total of 10 Peruvian firms took part in the Luxury Travel mission organized by Peru's Trade Office in Beijing (OCEX Beijing) to strengthen the Andean nation's position in this important area of China's market.

Participating agencies included Condor Travel-Tianma Group, Mava Travel, Setour, Quimbaya, Coltour, Peru Passion, Jin Peru, & Convention Center, Delfin Amazon Cruise and Aqua Expedition.

Activities kicked off with a business round table between Peruvian entrepreneurs and Beijing-based luxury travel agencies such as HH Travel, Wildchina, Badazhou, Sparkle Tour de CYTS, Farers and Magic Travel de Utour, including an average of 10 business meetings per participant.

Chinese travel agencies welcomed the luxury travel proposals. Packages including archaeological, cultural and ancient history tours were their favorites. 

Other popular picks included adventure activities, Amazon cruises and culinary tours. 

OCEX Beijing offered a gala dinner for Chinese and Peruvian luxury travel agencies, tourism media, gastronomic associations and other luxury travel sector key actors.

Attendees enjoyed traditional Peruvian dishes such as anticuchos, ceviche and tiradito, as well as delicious desserts like suspiro limeño and mazamorra morada.

The menu was carefully crafted by Peruvian chef Maria Rosa Vasquez.

The event included an exhibit of Peruvian traditional costumes shown in Mario Testino's Fashion Book Alta Moda, as well as dances such as saya and valicha.

The activity confirmed gastronomy is a key element in Peru's luxury tourism industry.

During their two-day stay in Beijing, Peruvians visited renowned luxury travel agencies and China Tourism Academy facilities.

More and more Chinese travel agencies offer luxury tours nowadays, and many of them specialize in this activity.

Around 60% of Chinese travelers are willing to spend over US$400 per night, opting for business or first-class services.


Published: 6/17/2017
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