Peru's Justice Min: Toledo will definitely be brought to Peruvian justice

Photo: ANDINA/Carlos Lezama

Photo: ANDINA/Carlos Lezama

14:48 | Lima, Mar. 15.

Justice and Human Rights Minister Jose Tello on Wednesday affirmed that Peru's ex-President Alejandro Toledo will definitely be brought to Peruvian justice, following the approval of his extradition from the United States.

The government official said that it is normal for the ex-president's defense to attempt to consider all possible mechanisms in that country, but they only seek to delay his imminent extradition to Peru.

"What I can say conclusively is that he (Alejandro Toledo) will definitely be brought to the Peruvian justice system," Tello told RPP Noticias.

"He (Toledo) will end up being extradited. We are just witnessing delaying maneuvers of his defense," the minister added.

Likewise, the high-ranking official remarked that his sector will support the Public Ministry in everything necessary to ensure the extradition process.

Alejandro Toledo —who resides in the U.S.— is being investigated by the Peruvian justice for having allegedly received a bribe worth nearly US$32 million from the Brazilian Odebrecht company to favor it in the bidding for the Interoceanic Highway while he was President of the Republic (2001-2006).

Regarding the Congress Constitutional Commission's decision not to approve the early elections bill, he noted that the Government has expressed the need for this to happen and that they (government officials) will not cling to office, which is why they presented two bills on the matter, noting that it is Parliament that must finally make a decision.

"We respect Congress' autonomy, adding that it is its members who will finally take responsibility for early elections, which —in any case— may occur in 2024, if it is too complicated to happen in 2023. That's something they have to resolve," the Cabinet member stated.


Published: 3/15/2023