Peru's exports up 44.6% in first eight months of 2021

16:17 | Lima, Oct. 9.

Peruvian exports amounted to US$34.365 billion between January and August this year, up 44.6% from the same period in 2020, one of the highest growth rates in the world, Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister Roberto Sanchez has reported.

This growth was backed by higher shipments of traditional products —mainly minerals— and non-traditional ones, which grew 48.6% (US$24.3 billion) and 35.9% (US$10.004 billion), respectively.

"This significant development is due to a series of factors, such as the recovery of production and the increase in international commodity prices, in addition to the efforts of workers, producers, entrepreneurs, and everyone who is part of the export chain in Peru," Sanchez explained.

Within this framework, the government official noted that exports increased across 19 regions in the interior of the country, mainly those in the south and jungle of Peru. 

That is the case of Apurimac (114%), Ucayali (102%), Puno (95%), Madre de Dios (91%), Huancavelica (81%), Loreto (80%), Ica (69%), Arequipa (59%), Cusco (57%), Tacna (55%), Ayacucho (46%), Amazonas (41%), Lambayeque (34%), La Libertad (32%), Ancash (24%), Piura (20%), Moquegua (17%), Junin (11%), and Tumbes (7%).

"I welcome the efforts of 7,057 Peruvian companies that, with hard work, introduce national products to the world. In addition to this, a total of 2,222 companies —among micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), cooperatives and associations— sent farming products," the minister stated.

Important results

Between January and August this year, almost all sectors of the Peruvian economy saw an increase in their sales. Jewelry (281%), metallurgy (102%), textile (82%), fishing (60%), and mining (51%) were the most dynamic.

Likewise, agro-exports grew 18%, due to higher sales of fruits (23%), mainly avocados (41%) and grapes (23%). 

Fruit exports grew due to higher shipment volumes of avocados (31%), grapes (17%), and blueberries (19%), as well as the increase in prices of avocados (10%), mangoes (9%), and grapes (5%).


Published: 10/9/2021
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