Peru's exports up 42.6% to US$23.642 billion in 1H 2021

Photo: ANDINA/Diffusion

Photo: ANDINA/Diffusion

08:10 | Lima, Jul. 31.

Peruvian exports totaled US$23.642 billion in the first half of this year, a 42.6% expansion over the same period in 2020, according to preliminary figures released by the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL).

As stated by CCL's Foreign Trade Research and Development Institute (Idexcam), only in June 2021 exports grew 40.8% over the same month a year earlier, when they amounted to US$3.967 billion.

During said month, seven out of the 10 principal destinations for Peruvian exports saw an increase compared to June 2020. They included China, South Korea, India, Switzerland, Chile, the United Arab Emirates, and the Netherlands.

In effect, shipments to China —Peru's principal destination— reached US$1.058 billion, up 45.2% from June 2020.

Meanwhile, Peru's exports totaled US$350 million to South Korea (up 65.4%), US$272 million to India (up 27,935.8%), US$158 million to Switzerland (up 26.7%), US$132 million to Chile (73.8%), US$126 million to the United Arab Emirates (up 6,221.4%), and US$123 million to the Netherlands (up 58.2%).

On the other hand, negative variations were registered in the case of the United States, with sales falling 4.4% to US$515 million, followed by Canada and Japan, with exports going down 17.3% (US$181 million) and 7.6% (US$128 million), respectively.

Exported products

Among the most exported product lines are cooper ores, whose shipments amounted to US$857 million, down 3.4%.

Additionally, gold exports totaled US$647 million (up 22.1%), followed by sales of fresh avocados valued at US$232 million (up 49.8%), and refined copper cathodes valued at US$222 million (up 85.6%).

Other products included fishmeal (US$183 million, up 140.9%), iron ores (US$147 million, up 485%), liquefied natural gas (US$ 75 million, up 609.8%), zinc ores (US$69 million, up 20.2%), lead ores (US$63 million, up 62.8%), molybdenum ores (US$56 million, up 52.8%), which displayed variations compared to June 2020.


Published: 7/31/2021
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