Peru's 2017 inflation hit lowest in eight years

16:47 | Lima, Jan. 11.

Inflation in Peru fell to 1.36% in 2017 —the lowest rate in the last eight years— thus remaining within the 1%-3% target range, Central Reserve Bank (BCR) reported Thursday.

Likewise, Peru's core inflation stood at 2.15% last year, the lowest since 2012.

According to BCR, said decline in inflation —compared to 2016— was mainly explained by the drop in average prices of food and energy (-1.48%); in other words, by the reversion of supply shocks witnessed in previous years.

It must be noted the inflation rate for December 2017 (0.16%) was the first positive variation in the general level of prices, following three months of consecutive declines.

Lastly, core inflation rose 0.29% in the twelfth month of 2017.


Published: 1/11/2018