Peru, U.S. support women entrepreneurs from Inca country

17:05 | Lima, Nov. 14.

For the third consecutive year, more than 100 women from different regions in Peru —trained under the She Exports (PromPeru) and DreamBuilder (U.S. Embassy in Peru) programs— take part at the Women Entrepreneurs in Action Congress, held in Lima on Thursday.

This space of convergence will allow them to exchange experiences, as well as promote women's entrepreneurship and inclusion in the export activity.

Both initiatives promote female entrepreneurs' potential in Peru —through the strengthening of capacities, trade, and the management of digital platforms— because the empowerment of women —as well as their inclusion at institutions and value chains— are seen in a positive light in the most demanding international markets.

The 3rd Women Entrepreneurs in Action Congress is intended to contribute to the strengthening of Peruvian women entrepreneurs, with the creation of a propitious atmosphere for the learning and development of a network of women who interact and identify complementary business opportunities among them.

Joint support

Since 2017, PromPeru has trained 87 female entrepreneurs —in textile and clothing, decoration items, jewelry, agroindustry, services, and manufacturing sectors— under the Ella Exporta (She Exports) Program, which is aimed at business owners or decision-makers pursuing an internationalization strategy at their companies.

So far, She Exports has been implemented in Lima, Cusco, Arequipa, and Huancayo regions; in 2020 —in conjunction with the U.S. Embassy in Peru— the initiative will be implemented in San Martin region.

On the other hand, the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Lima has financed the DreamBuilder Program for three years —in coordination with binational centers and together with DreamBuilder NGO as well as Thunderbird for Good— by successfully training over 300 Peruvian women with an investment of over US$100,000.

The training covers matters of costs, export logistics, and financial tools. Also, it offers the possibility to prepare sustainability reports and systematize corporate social responsibility actions. It concludes with an e-commerce business accelerator and trade articulation module.

Gender inclusion is part of the Pacific Alliance's integration and economic growth strategy, whose mandates include —among other things— supporting the business platform for women entrepreneurs from member countries, strengthening their capacities, as well as fostering their empowerment and economic autonomy.


Published: 11/14/2019
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