Peru: Tourism in Natural Protected Areas generated US$720 million in 2017

Parque Nacional del Manu. Foto: ANDINA/Difusión.

Parque Nacional del Manu. Foto: ANDINA/Difusión.

00:03 | Lima, Mar. 7.

Tourism activity within Peru's Natural Protected Areas (ANP) generated a direct income of S/2.340 billion (about US$720 million) for the local economy in 2017, according to study findings.

Also, the industry created more than 36,000 jobs in localities and cities surrounding the aforementioned areas. 

Figures are available at "Local Economic Impact of Tourism in Protected Areas of Peru," a study conducted by the Conservation Strategy Fund (CSF) with the support of Andes Amazon Fund.

The direct income generated by tourism comes from tour, food, and other related services, although subsequent investment returns were not assessed.

Of the total, around S/536 million (about US$165 million) constitutes direct income to households and wages at the local level, former Deputy Environment Minister and CSF Northern Andes-Amazon Director Gabriel Quijandria told Andina news agency.

"We found that around a fifth of the tourism-derived income in Natural Protected Areas stays in the communities, which is a good sign, because —in many cases— we are talking about communities with many unmet needs for public services, health, and education. So, having a source of income is extremely important since there is no other way to ensure future development," he stated.

As part of the study, more than 1,000 surveys were administered to tourists, local businesses, and workers within five ANPs (the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, the Nor Yauyos Cochas Landscape Reserve, as well as the National Reserves of Tambopata, Paracas, and Pacaya Samiria) and the proposed Regional Conservation Area of Ausangate.

As stated by Quijandria, the study explored areas that receive tourists and have registered the number of visitors they welcomed.

He went on to say that —without a doubt— Machu Picchu remains the most visited ANP and the one bringing about the most economic benefits to the Inca country, although the emerging or important ones are Lake Titicaca, Tambopata, Paracas, and Huascaran.


Published: 3/7/2018
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