Peru to remain leading LatAm’s economic growth

Centro Empresarial de San Isidro Foto: ANDINA/Norman Córdova

Centro Empresarial de San Isidro Foto: ANDINA/Norman Córdova

08:06 | Lima, Aug. 10.

Implementing infrastructure projects, such as: Lima and Callao’s Metro or Olmos and Majes Siguas Irrigation projects, should turn into the engines for the Peru’s economic growth, which will enable to maintain economic leadership in the region, Development Bank of Latin America (CAF)’s director Eleonora Silva affirmed.

In remarks to El Peruano official newspaper, the CAF representative indicated that there are also projects related to ports, airports, energy, natural gas and mining, among others.

“This year Peru will maintain economic growth leadership in Latin America; likewise, close to 3%-rates are estimated. The country has relevant projects [in its portfolio], which should become the engines for growth: transport infrastructure work, such as Lima and Callao’s Metro or irrigation such as Olmos, Majes-Siguas II or Chavimochic III”, she told.


“Particularly, in the case of Peru, we promote the country’s competitiveness by boosting small and medium-sized enterprises' access to markets, tackling administrative barriers to set up enterprises [...],” she underlined.


In this sense, Silva emphasized the Pacific alliance member countries -Mexico, Chile, Colombia and Peru- are considering setting up a productive transformation agenda that will shift from a traditional comparative strengths to competitive strengths model, which will allow to "provide higher added-value along with innovation and technology."


Likewise, she claimed the previous 10th Pacific Alliance Presidential and Business Summits -held in Paracas city Peru last July- were “important meetings for the four nations”.

“We consider the Alliance is an interesting initiative featuring noteworthy features: It isn’t politically driven, but relies on very solid macroeconomic policies, open economies and free trade agreements. It wants to join the world, so it is a mechanism based on various coincidences," she added.


Published: 8/10/2015