Peru to improve crime prevention services with IDB US$40-million loan

10:46 | Lima, Dec. 9.

Peru's Economy and Finance Ministry (MEF) on Monday approved a foreign debt operation with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) of up to US$40 million.

The terms of the loan include eight payments between November 2025 and May 2029. Below are the dates and the percentages of the amount of the loan disbursed:

- 12.5% on November 15, 2025

- 6.25% on May 15, 2026

- 6.25% on November 15, 2026

- 15% on May 15, 2027

- 15% on November 15, 2027

- 15% on May 15, 2028

- 15% on November 15, 2028

- 15% on May 15, 2029.

According to IDB, the program will benefit the citizens of several districts that reside and transit in areas of high crime concentration, by strengthening the Ministry of Interior with special attention to the National Police and the Intelligence Directorate of the National Police. 

In addition, community organizations, youth and women participating in the programs in the jurisdictions of the police stations will benefit.

The above-mentioned decree authorizes the head of MEF's General Directorate of Indebtedness and Public Treasury to sign the exchange instructions as well as the documents needed to complete such operation on behalf of the Republic of Peru.

Additionally, amortization, interests, fees, and other expenses arising from the debt operation shall be borne by the Economy and Finance Ministry, with budget resources allocated for public debt service.  

About IDB

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Published: 12/9/2019
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