Peru Textiles brand debuts at Peru Moda (Full story)

ANDINA/Héctor Vinces

18:06 | Lima, Apr. 19.

Peru’s Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism and Chair of the Promperu Board of Directors Magali Silva today launched Peru Textiles brand as part of her administration’s efforts to enhance the sector within the international market.

With a participation of 12.2% in non-traditional total exports, the Peruvian textile industry is Peru’s main exporting manufacturing sector thanks to its high quality standards and excellent commodities.

“This new brand is a new initiative supported by both the public and private sectors, which seek to position our country as a vertically integrated textile cluster: from natural fibers and blends to completed garments.

The goal is to create consumer-oriented value added services. Peru Textiles will make Peruvian garments stand out as a quality product that meets the highest standards demanded by consumers.

The launch event took place on the sidelines of a fashion show by designer Jorge Luis Salinas, who was inspired by Paracas strong winds and, based on the valuable national raw material, created garments full of elegance and glamour, which captivated attendees.

According to Silva, this collection was the same as the one Salinas presented during the last New York Fashion Week, a catwalk he attended after he won a contest at Peru Moda 2015 within the framework of the deal Promperu signed with U.S. department store Macy’s. 

“This sectoral brand is aimed at promoting the concept of own brand among companies in the sector, as well as to internationalize the retail format of firms.

“This is an important step not only for the recovery of the sector, but for the reactivation of our economy, and the strengthening of our identity on the world stage,” the minister said.

Another aim is to introduce and enhance the brand’s position in the trading space and key fashion shows across Europe and the United States, as owner of exotic, ancestral and natural fibers.


Published: 4/19/2016