Peru stands firm on anti-drug fight

11:49 | Lima, Oct. 3.

Peru shows firmness in its fight against drug trafficking by investing in coca crops eradication, State-run National Commission for Development and Life without Drugs' (Devida) head Carmen Masias affirmed.

Statements were made during the opening of the Attorneys and General Prosecutors Convention held in Lima.

Masias pointed out the United States constantly furnishes aid to the Andean country not only to fight drug smuggling and human trafficking but also to promote democracy.

Likewise, she highlighted the European Union's contributions are "very substantial," as Devida works closely with said trade bloc.

"Both, the United States and the European Union are our core partners. Nonetheless, Germany also supports San Martin region's farmers," she added.

Although foreign aid helps combat said scourge, the Government plays a critical role in the allocation of funds, "because this strengthens policies against drug smuggling, people trafficking and money laundering," Devida head concluded.


Published: 10/3/2017
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