Peru set to become largest exporter in Latin America

Peruvian exports. Photo: Adex

Peruvian exports. Photo: Adex

12:54 | Lima, Aug. 19 (ANDINA).

Peru has the conditions to become a leading foreign trade power in Latin America, said Rubens Amaral, Chief Executive of the Latin American Export Bank (Bladex).
He told El Peruano that some of the most favorable aspects of the Peruvian economy are macroeconomic stability, constant search for enhancing its export potential and the increase in private investments. 

Amaral stressed the long list of trade agreements between Peru and the largest consumer markets.

"It (Peru) not only has favorable conditions to increase exports, but also imports, which increase the capacity to innovate industrial parks," he noted.

He stated that Peru should undertake reforms to take advantage of the eventual recovery in the global economy.

"One of the pending reforms is the implementation of an industrialization policy that will boost the development of the country," Amaral said.


Published: 8/19/2013
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