Peru sees Northern Amazonian route as leading tourist hub

Photo: ANDINA/archive.

Photo: ANDINA/archive.

15:16 | Lima, Feb. 13.

With the aim of becoming the Northern Amazonian route in a Peruvian major tourist hub representatives of the regional chambers of tourism and business associations met in the Andean city of Cajamarca, in northern Peru.
Attendants at the working meeting agreed to strengthen the integration of this important tourist route, conducting research of potential markets as well as developing a marketing plan and enhancing the tourism safety.

Thus, the promotion of the tourist circuit will showcase historical and cultural heritage of the towns on this route and increase their visibility and attractiveness, thereby fostering the development of tourism in the area and attracting investors. 

To that end, the Peruvian entrepreneurs will seek to jointly participate in the several national and international forums which are held yearly for drawing more visitors to this must-see tourist circuit.

Among the agreements that stand out are the marketing strategies and advertising to effectively promote the Northern Amazonian circuit by ensuring a wide dissemination of the most sought after tourist destinations of each region. 

The aforementioned route passes over the regions of Lambayeque, San Martin, Tumbes, Piura, La Libertad, Cajamarca, Amazonas and Loreto, which are part of the northern Amazon macroregion.


Published: 2/13/2014