Peru restaurants expect jump in sales on Valentine's Day

19:15 | Lima, Feb. 14.

Peruvian restaurants project an increase in sales of more than 100% on the occasion of Valentine's Day, Hotels, Restaurants, and Related Establishments Association (Ahora) Head Miguel Gamarra informed.

"Hotels' and particularly restaurants' expectations are very high, sales should more than double on average," he told Andina news agency.

According to Gamarra, there is significant traffic at the most famous and well-known restaurants on this date, which makes it difficult to book a table.

"There is great enthusiasm […] restaurants, bars, and cafes have prepared musical shows to make customers' dinner more pleasant," he noted.

Furthermore, Gamarra pointed out most Lima citizens will opt for eateries in Miraflores and Barranco districts.

Within this framework, Publimas Managing Director Percy Cano said advertising for restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs increase 50% in February on the occasion of Valentine's Day.

Likewise, hot tub suites' prices climb from S/80 (about US$24) to S/150 (about US$45) on this day. Other accommodation categories also increase their prices by 50-100%," Gamarra said.

"As for liquor stores, expectations are focused on selling more wine, as well as pisco, whiskey, rum, and beer," he added.


Published: 2/14/2018