Peru: Private sector to support 1st VP Martin Vizcarra

13:45 | Lima, Mar. 22.

Peruvian business associations affirmed the private sector will support First Vice-President Martin Vizcarra, if he decides to complete the five-year term of resigning President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

As is known, Kuczynski on Wednesday submitted an original resignation letter to Congress following the political crisis generated by the impeachment motion submitted against him last week.

"We have to learn to develop a new pro-country culture, assume our responsibilities, and work much harder to redirect Peruvian economy, development, and growth," Association of Peruvian Exporters (Adex) Chairman Juan Varilias expressed.

New Cabinet

For his part, National Confederation of Private Business Institutions (Confiep) Chairman Roque Benavides noted his guild will also support the next President of the Republic and back everything that brings well-being into the country.

In addition, he hopes the next Ministerial Cabinet will be shaped as soon as possible.

"[...] we hope he [Vizcarra] restructures the Government as soon as possible to provide the stability we all want," he added.

Peru ahead

The National Society of Industries (SNI) plus the National Society of Mining, Oil, and Energy (SNMPE) called for leaving differences and political confrontations behind, in order to work for Peru's governability and development.

In this regard, they also call on the political class to put the country ahead of personal interests, with the purpose of providing the necessary stability and governability to achieve national development.

"Given the historical political situation the country is living, we call for national unity, so that we can put Peru ahead of particular interests," SNI pointed out.


Published: 3/22/2018
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